OnePlus 1 Rs Sale :- Trick To buy OnePlus 3 at 1rs and Many More

After Xiaomi 1 RS flash sale which is happening right now on their official site from 17th-19th October 2PM, now they got real competition from their own country brand. Yes it is Oneplus the major smartphone selling foreign company in India is all set for Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale. This is happening on this year diwali sale, this oneplus 1 rs flash sale will take place in their official e-commerce site. Although no oneplus mobiles were sold in that site, the oneplus 1 rs flash sale site launched few days back. Now they are all set for this mega oneplus 1 rs flash sale, here is the trick to get every oneplus 1 rs flash sale with the flash sale dates.

Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale Dates:

To get Register For OnePlus Sale – Click here

This oneplus 1 rs flash sale will take place just a week before Diwali fastival, and this sale will run three continuous days. But the major advantage from this sale is it will take place on three different intervals that means there are total of 9 oneplus 1 rs Flash Sales in just days. So here are the dates

  • Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale Start Date: 24th October
  • Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale End Date: 26th October
  • Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale Timings:  12PM, 4PM and 8PM
  • Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale Dates: 24-26th October, from 12, 4 and 8PM

Oneplus 1 rs Flash Sale Registration:

This sale registration take place in oneplus official site, user must signup in oneplus official site. Share your details such as name, email ID, Phone number and Address. So for oneplus flash sale user must share their offer page in their social media accounts. This will give you the registration which is valid up to 3 days of the sale on over 9 sales. Here is the trick to buy Oneplus 1 rs flash sale products, we are providing oneplus flash sale autobuy script from our extension.

How to get Oneplus 1rs Mystery Box

  1. The Diwali Dash Sale takes place at 12PM, 4PM and 8PM (IST) each day during Oct 24-26.
  2. To participate in the Oneplus Diwali Dash Sale, complete the Entry Challenge beforehand.
  3. At the beginning of each session, a batch of Oneplus 1rs Mystery Boxes are released through a lucky draw. The session ends when all Boxes are exhausted.
  4. You may keep drawing until you draw a Box, or until all Boxes are taken. There is a brief cool-down period after each draw.
  5. Each OnePlus Account is eligible to receive a maximum of one Box only.
  6. Contents of the Oneplus 1rs Mystery Box are revealed once you complete your payment of ₹ 1. Unpaid for Boxes expire after three hours.

Steps to buy oneplus 1 rs flash sale products:

  • First share the oneplus 1 rs sale offer page and confirm registration
  • Then install Flipshope chrome extension
  • Check the auto-buy script for oneplus flash sale on Flipshope icon
  • This will confirm the entry, visit the sale page right on sale time
  • As sale begins Flipshope will add the product to cart.

Oneplus Flash Sale Tips and Tricks:

Every one can increase their chances of winning by following the below steps

  • share the oneplus 1rs diwali sale page as much as you can in all social media accounts
  • Verify the oneplus device you own
  • Purchase any oneplus accessories from their e-commerce store.

Unlike other 1rs flash sales, the user will not be aware of the product they purchase. At the beginning of the sale they will have to draw Mystery Boxes. These mystery boxes can have any OnePlus product in them, including the OnePlus 3 Rose Gold version. One user will only be able to draw one Mystery Box from their respective accounts. Once the Mystery Box will be in the cart, the user will have to make a payment of Re 1, and only then will the product be revealed. Un-paid boxes will be retracted automatically if the user doesn’t complete the payment within 3 hours of the sale.

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