Traffic monsoon strategy guide for beginners (free money)

Traffic monsoon is one of the few most innovative and lucrative money making program with a unique concept. Traffic monsoon is a mix of PTC site + Traffic-Exchange site + Revenue sharing site. Before we start this traffic monsoon strategy guide, let’s find out if traffic monsoon is legit or scam –

Is traffic monsoon a scam ?

Traffic monsoon LLC was launched on 10/10/2014 and is a registered companyowned by Charles Scovill. He also owns another established traffic exchange program called AdHitProfits. It’s always a good sign for the new sites if the owner is experienced and reputed. This is true for traffic monsoon too. This site has unique custom script and looks professional. There’s no costly monthly or yearly upgrade plans, in fact there’s no upgrade plans. All members are valued equally and have same potential to earn. Although this site doesn’t have forum but their support system is very fast. You usually get replies within 12 hours regarding your queries. This is really good because a friendly supports system builds a trust between the site and it’s members. The site is currently paying on time and has no major issues except the annoying captcha log in service. So, for now traffic monsoon has no signs of being a scam.
how to Join 
  • Join From – Here 
  • then Verify Your Mail 
  • click on ads earn money

Ways to earn in traffic monsoon –

Traffic monsoon is free to join and as a free member you can earn by following three ways –
1. Watching PTC ads ( defined as cash-links in traffic monsoon)
2. Referring others ( no rented referral program but it’s not disappointing at all ! )
3. Surf websites and earn credits ( just like any regular traffic exchange site)
Unlike other PTC sites traffic monsoon offers high value ads to it’s members. There are only $0.01 and $0.02 value ads available ( saves a lot of time !)
traffic monsoon cash links

Referral program in traffic monsoon –traffic monsoon 100% referral commission

Traffic monsoon has an amazing referral program like no others and probably the most profitable ! It gives 100% commission to it’s members. This is no ponzi scheme to attract people. This referral system is completely stable and profitable to advertisers, members and traffic monsoon itself.
Advertisers here buy $1 cash-links and get –
50 visitors for $0.02 each, $0.01 goes to clicker (you)  and 0.01 goes to sponsor.
25 visitors for $0.04 each, $0.02 goes to clicker and 0.02 goes to your sponsor.
So if your referral click on $0.01 cash-link, you also earn $0.01 commission and if he/she click on $0.02 cash-link, you also receive $0.02$ commission which is totally awesome !

Earning potential –

traffic monsoon high earning siteThis is the first question people ask before joining any site. Well, how much you earn from traffic monsoon depends on your activity and the number of referrals you have. You get around 8-10 or more cash links daily worth 0.01$ and 0.02$. So you can easily earn 0.1$ everyday just from your own clicks which is actually better and a lot faster than other PTC sites.
       But if you want to increase your earnings you need to get referrals. You have advantage on this department too. Unlike other  PTC sites you don’t need thousands of referrals to earn a decent amount. You can easily earn 300$ per month only with 100 referrals !
let’s assume you earn 0.1$ commission from each of your referrals. Now let’s calculate your earnings with –
10 referrals – $30 per month
20 referrals – $60 per month
50 referrals – $150 per month
100 referrals – $300 per month
500 referrals – $1500 per month
1000 referrals – $ 3000 per month

 Traffic monsoon strategy guide for beginners-

Traffic monsoon doesn’t offer rented referrals, offerwalls, crowdflower tasks, surveys etc.. But despite of this lacking features traffic monsoon is highly profitable program. Traffic monsoon is straight forward program where you watch ads (cashlinks), refer people and surf at least 10 websites with a 2:1 ratio to be eligible to receive referral commission.

So, here is the strategy –

log in to traffic monsoon. This will take you to your account dashboard where you  can see your statistics. Claim cash links available and watch them. Try to log in at different time intervals throughout the day to check for new available cashlinksIt’s not important to surf websites if you don’t have referrals initially.You have to do this 10 minute work everyday.
Now the most important part of strategy is to get referrals. Most people prefer renting referrals than working on getting direct referrals as it is much easier and time saving. But here I am gonna tell you easy tips to get as many direct referrals for this program. But first let us look at the advantages of having direct referrals  (this facts are surely gonna encourage you to start working on getting referrals) –
1. No monthly charges to keep them.
2. You earn commission from them for lifetime as long as they are active.
3. You can personally contact them and assist them.
4. You also earn commission from their purchases.
5. You show them a better way to utilize their time spent on internet.
As traffic monsoon is a new site, it’s easier to get referrals. Not everyone on internet has heard or already a member of traffic monsoon. So take advantage of this before traffic monsoon becomes old and it gets harder to refer people for this program.
Here are some free ways to get referrals for traffic monsoon –
1. Friends and family –  Tell your family members and friends about how traffic monsoon works and how they can make money from it comfortably without spending much time. Share your referral link on social networking sites. But do not tag people on your post ( everyone hates it). Send them personal messages or just share on your wall recommending it to everyone. (Ignore the douchebags who make negative comment about your efforts).
2.Traffic-exchange programs – This is the easiest and most used way to get referrals. You promote your referral link on traffic exchange sites and keep surfing other people’s website in turn to get visitors to your own website ( referral link). This is time consuming and in my opinion doesn’t work at all for older sites such as Neobux and Clixsense. Although it might be pretty helpful to promote newer sites. But you don’t have to surf other people’s websites, waste time and stick to the traffic exchange site in hope to get some referrals. There are literally tons of traffic exchange programs which offers free banner credits, text credits or website credits as sign up bonus. All you have to do is to join bunch of such traffic exchange programs and make use of the free credits you receive !!
3. Free classified ads – This is also one of the easiest ways to get a lot of referrals. There are so many classified ad sites online. Post your free ad along with your referral link. Share a little detail about traffic monsoon and how people can earn from it. Don’t forget to mention that it’s free to join. If not signing up, people at least check free offers! You can join as many classified sites you want. But don’t spam them trying to post your ad on multiple categories or using multiple accounts to post ad. Search Google for classified sites available in your area.
4. Forums – Forums are also a great way to interact with other people and thus get referrals. There are so many forums online on money making topic. Many forums allow you to add your links on your profile as signature. Join such forums, add your referral link as signature and communicate with other member of forum. Ask questions, answer to questions, join conversation on group chat. Your activities will attract other members to your profile and they might become your referral clicking on your signature link!
If you are a member of other PTC sites, this could be of an advantage to you. Most of the PTC sites have forum and they also allow you to have you referral links as signature. Simply ask questions on forum, answer to other people’s question, post your stats, post your payment proof. The higher your presence, the higher chances of getting referrals.
5. Online Advertising – There are many advertising networks that offer free credits for signing up on their website as advertiser. One of such advertising program is Bidvertiser which offers free 20$ advertising credit to it’s new members. Take advantage of this free 20$ and advertise your referral link and get at least 20-30 referrals within 4-5 days of your advertising campaign!! Bidvertiser really works great for getting referrals if you are willing to invest money instead of spending more time on other methods. Search Google for other advertising networks.
6. Offline advertising – Offline advertising might cost you but it is most effective way of getting direct referrals as compared to any other method listed here or anywhere else. That’s because people you interact with on internet might have already looked for ways to make money online and heard of this program(s). But people who haven’t heard of such programs might be interested in becoming your referrals! Some of the popular ways to advertise offline is to post ads on newspaper, school/college notice boards, hoardings, Restaurants etc..

Payout and withdraws –

you can cash out your earnings when you have earned minimum amount of 2$. This minimum increases by $1.00 for each withdrawal until you reach $10.
($2, then $3, then $4, and so forth up to $10)
Then, your minimum will remain at $10.00. They accept paypal , payza and solid trust pay.
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